Kolatin is manufactured under the most exacting standards of quality control in a state-of-the-art facility. Each run is subject to an extensive series of tests, including microbiological analyses. The factory is ISO-9001 certified, which means that we satisfy a higher standard of scrutiny.


Because Kolatin and our other dessert products are kosher certified, they must meet the exacting standards of rabbinical supervision. For many consumers, this is an even greater guarantee of the meticulous attention we take, assuring an immaculate production environment and purity of the final product.


What Makes Kolatin Real Kosher Gelatin, Kosher?How can a bovine derived substance still be parve? If it’s parve why does it need to be from glatt sources? A comprehensive treatment of these complex laws is beyond the scope of this site. However, the following is a simplified explanation of this rabbinic ruling: Hides that are chemically decomposed lose their legal (halachic) status of food.The new substance’s subsequent use as an ingredient serves to legally “reconstitute” it, thus achieving the status of food anew. Specifically, gelatin is considered a “ma’amid” – a food stabilizer, which can not be negated. Therefore, the hides must be derived from kosher sources, e.g. glatt kosher hides. However, the fleishig status does not get reinstated, and it is a parve (neutral; non-meat and non-dairy) product. 

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